August 05, 2016


If your boss feels that he is the owner of the company and he thinks he is the one paying you that is why he can't give you an increase.... there are some ways how to forced him to give you an increase. These methods will surely give you a good result and if it didn't work then feel free to unfollow this site or tell your boss that I am the one to blame for your weird actions.

1. Become the best in your team, become better than your team leader. If you really wanted an increase, if you really want to change your situation then you better outwork every body and become better than everybody. Make a run for at least a year, all you gotta do is do your best, make productions that are impossible to do and make them feel that you are a man on a mission. I am very sure your boss will notice you and when the evaluation period arrived... I am very sure he will give you a good increase.

2. Secretly apply for a company that has a larger salary. You should do this if step one is not as effective as you expected. Apply for a company that has a larger salary. Do not let anybody know about this. And when you get hired, tell your boss that you found a company that has a larger pay. Tell him that if they didn't match what was being offered to you then you will go. If you will do this method make sure that you are an asset of your company and your value is very high because if not... they will be even happy to let you go. You boss will just laugh at you if you are not good and yet you are proposing some ridiculous ideas.

3. If there is a big project pass a resignation paper. This one is a killer and also a risky one. This is also effective to some employees that are not that good but is somehow giving a contribution to the company. If there is a big project that is bound to happen or happening already, pass a resignation paper. It is much better if you've already started the project so the company will be in a bad position and they will be scared if you leave. Of course the boss will talk to you once you pass your resignation paper, that is the best time to tell him your concerns, tell him that you are resigning because the pay is too low. If the approves your resignation then goodbye to you, I told you this is a risky one. But if he is willing to negotiate then congratulations your bluffing is effective.

Anyone can ask for an increase, it is your right to ask. But in order to have a higher chance of getting what you want, you have to make sure that you are a big loss to the company. Make sure you give them something that is hard to find but if you are just a bum who just go to the office and never make an impact from the very start that you work in the company... good luck to you, you are free to go.