August 17, 2016


If drinking rain will ease your pain, do it.
If loving hate will change your fate, love it.
If swimming in the lake of fire will strengthen your desire, do it.
If memorizing the whole encyclopedia will erase your phobia, do it.

If drinking a poison will put you in a better position, drink it.
If greeting your enemy will give you an opportunity, do it.
If cutting your finger will make you better, cut it.
If rounding a corner will make you stronger, round it.

If freezing a fire will straighten your wire, freeze it.
If accepting lies will open your eyes, accept it.
If dyeing your mole will make you whole, dye it.

If hacking a system will give you rhythm, hack it.
If eating a raw dead fish will grant your wish, eat it.
If swallowing shit will improve your wit, swallow it.
If demoting a president will make you intelligent, do it.

If swimming inside a volcano will make you a rambo, do it.
If biting a shark will allow you to enter the Noah's ark, bite it.
If climbing the Mt. Everest will make you the greatest, climb it.
Everything is easy, super duper easy but nothing is free, you have to pay the price to rise.