August 11, 2016


The life of a human being is recycling everyday. It just repeat and repeat everyday. It is up to you if you want to add something in it or make it somehow epic.

What you did yesterday can be repeated again today. Researchers found that most of a person's daily activities were very similar from yesterday, in other words, people were just repeating what they did yesterday. Unexpected events can alter it, events such as promotion for a higher position, termination from a job, going to a special event, illness and any other events that gives a person strong emotions.

The thing is this, if you want a simple life that is abundant, less complicated and fun to live then make a cycle that is good. Not necessarily great but a good cycle that will make you live a happy and balanced life.

This means you set standards, you make your own rules, you filter carefully what is in and out of your cycle. If something or someone wants to be a part of your cycle, you will examined them carefully and study if they are a good fit in your system.

If you will ask me what is my kind of cycle... the answer is my cycle is very simple. I just exercise everyday, earn some pretty cold cash, write articles, have some quality time with my wife, watch some motivational videos, listen to some music, talk to my mom or my brother, play guitar then that's it. It is pretty simple, not complicated but an abundant and happy life. My cycle everyday is filled with love, dreams, motivation, progress and improvement. I don't do too much, my cycle is very simple and it only changes when I am attending an important event or I am fixing some other stuffs. It also changes when I am competing in basketball or drinking beers with my few friends which rarely occurs.

I love my cycle, I want to maintain it but I am open to changes, I am open to experience new things in life. I love travelling but I rarely do it because it is not my priority and I am not that person who says travelling will make you very happy. I am very happy with my life and I feel complete. And one more thing, external things or events doesn't matter to me. I am simply happy pursuing my goals.

I think my cycle will change if God will bless me a baby this year. I know there will be some adjustments but I am open with it and I will accept the challenge. Who knows? but what I have now, I build it by myself and I am very proud to say that I created a happy life.