August 04, 2016


It is ok to dream but don't make it a habit so much, just dream for a second and wake up immediately. Stand up and realize your dreams.

All people have dreams but the problem is they are just dreaming about it. They are not doing something to make it happen. The problem with dreaming is you are already looking at the results, the prize and the place where you wanted to be.

You dream about the cars, the house, the paychecks, being and NBA player, being a singer or a popular dancer etc etc. There is a lot of dreaming going on and the process to get your dream is already forgotten. You literally forgot that the most important thing is the action and not the dream itself.

You never think about what actions are needed to get that dream, you never think about the journey, the pain and the necessary adjustments you needed once you felt the pain. All you want is the pleasure, you want shortcuts, you are never committed to the journey.

How about you dream about doing the process to get that dream? you dream of working hard, you dream of finding the necessary steps to get that dream, you dream about failing and failing and then you stand up and grind again? how about that? what do you think will be the result?

The problem about dreaming of the results is when you stand up you don't know what to do, you don't know what is the first step. It is like you are in your bed and dreaming about the big money and when you stand up... you're like a milk fish lost in the territory of the sharks. You got overwhelmed, you became scared and then you will go back to your bed and then just fantasize again. The cycle never ends, all you do is dream like cinderella and the you become the old witch in that story. You never get anything, you never achieve anything. You stay the same before you dream, the worse is you've lost a lot of time and you are getting old.

If you dream about taking actions, making progress and enduring the adversity then after you wake up you know what to do. You will immediately do what you've' dreamed and forget about the results because it is just making you feel you are so far from that dream.

Dreaming about the dream is like having a huge gap between your position now and the place where your dream is. You don't know what to do, you feel like your dream is our of reach. But if you dream about the process... those huge gaps will be narrowed, it will be filled by the small steps that you are doing. So leave the dreamland and step into the action land. Focus on the process, forget the results.