August 12, 2016


You can learn the most advance technique in doing something, you can learn all the hardest and most advance drills, you can copy all what professionals do but still... not all of it may work for you. Some may work and can give you results but not all of it, it is not guaranteed that you will earn success once you know all the advance techniques in the world.

Being successful is not knowing a lot but doing a lot of what works for you. You can only know the basics and become very successful. You can know very little and still become very good.

It is not about having the most sound method. It is not about having the most perfect plan. It is only about finding what works for you and repeating it over and over again.

That is why you don't need to be great to become successful, you just need to know a little and work as much as you can. Because that little knowledge that you have, that simple process that you know will become advance as you continue to do your work everyday. So stop looking for advance methods, you don't need to know it right away, you will know it as you keep on working everyday. And you will know it naturally and not forcefully.

If you are an aspiring body builder, you don't need to know a lot about body building, you don't need to become a scientist and know all the facts on how to grow muscles. Just lift everyday and see if it works. No need for program, no need for so much bullshits... it will only cluttered your mind. Just do the very basic and repeat it a million times. I am very sure you will get results if you are patient and if you believe on what you are doing.

I have a friend who is very concern about the facts, he is researching a lot (I don't know if it is true), he feels like he knows everything, he is even doing some advance methods. But at the end of the day.... he can't produce any results. He even confuses himself and doesn't know what to do anymore. It only proves that not all methods will work even the most advance one. And even if you really know what works, the question is... are you going to do it everyday? It is better to do something wrong consistently than not doing anything at all.

It is also not a matter of working a lot, you can work as much as you can but you can still only get little results. So the best thing to do is find what works for you and do it forever, do it until it is working. It doesn't matter if you only know one thing, at least it is working.