August 03, 2016


This is the best method that will make you beautiful, this method is not beautiful but very effective...GO UGLY.

Now what do I mean by this? go ugly by pursuing your dreams or at least achieving something. You will look tired, you will look haggard, you will look wasted but you will become beautiful in the end. You will look beautiful because you will become successful. In every success, there is a beauty behind it. And not only that, you will feel very confident because you knew you work hard for something. You have something to be proud of. And that will make you very beautiful.

Look at those fitness addicts, they look ugly while they are pursuing their goals, they look sweaty, they look in pain, they feel ugly. But when they achieved what they want in life... their beauty is finally revealed. The final product of their hardwork is beautiful.

Go ugly because everything is not beautiful in the beginning. The journey is like a charcoal turns into diamond. The reality is everything is really hard in the beginning, nothing comes easy. If you want an easy path then go ahead and take jobs that are disgusting. Jobs like being a prostitute, druglord, pornstar, corrupt politician, rubbers and any other jobs that doesn't require hardwork. Yeah those jobs gives you a lot of pleasure and money but in the end you will see that you are not really happy and you will feel a lot of regrets. You will say to yourself "If I can only turn back time then I will not do this shit".

Go ugly even if your style or technique is ugly, even if you move awkward or do something a little bit ridiculous. Don't be afraid to show your style, your ugliness will turn into gorgeousness once you pair it with hardwork and unparalleled passion. There is nothing wrong in being ugly for as long as your intentions is right and you have a very good vision.

Your ugliness can inspire anyone, they will see that it is ok to have some flaws, it is ok to get started even if you are not perfect. Once they see that you are getting some results then they will follow you. They will embrace their ugliness too and start taking their own journey.

Do I have to repeat this again? you are not in this world to look cute and beautiful, you are here to express yourself. You are here to present your own style even if it is not acceptable. Wanting to always stay perfect means you are fragile but not being afraid to tarnish your image means you want to win and you are a strong person.