August 12, 2016


Fear is a very strong part of our lives. It can either move your or stop you. For me it is the strongest emotion that exists, it stronger than happiness, excitement, anger or sorrow. It can destroy your life or it can also make you change.

Fear can make you grind. It can make you work really really hard. The fear of not having a food to eat today makes you look for a job that will give you some money so you can bought some food for your family. The fear of losing your job will make you work really really hard so you can impress your boss so he will keep you. The fear of losing in a game will make you also train extra hard so you will gain more confidence and your skills will upgrade.

Fear can make you do impossible things if you were able to make yourself move. Use the fear of something to make your self act right away. Fear is a stimulant, it can speed the process but you still have to be careful because your mind is not operating at its best when you are in a state of fear.

If you think that successful people have no fear that is why they are winning then you are wrong. The only difference that successful people have is they were still willing to move despite of having fear. They can manipulate fear, they can transform it to a positive energy and use it as an advantage. They use fear as a guidance not a warning.

Fear can make you blind. While fear can make you grind it can also make you blind. You are blind meaning you will not do anything about the situation if the fear strikes in you. For example, a bully in your class is eating your lunch... you caught him in the act. But because you are scared of him, you will just pretend that you didn't see anything,

Just like the people who witnesses crimes, they were so afraid to talk because the suspects might take revenge on them. So they will just pretend that they didn't see anything even if it is making them feel guilty because they were not helping the victims.

You will also pretend that you didn't see your enemy once he is around because you are so afraid of him.

You will also pretend that you didn't see the person you owed because you are so afraid to return his money or you don't have money at all.

If there is a recitation in your class and your professor is looking for someone to recite, you will also pretend that you are not looking at her and hope that you don't get called because you don't know the answer and you don't want to take risk.

There are lot of instances where you are just pretending that you don't see anything even if you know what to do, fear paralyzes you, it makes you very weak.

The conclusion is fear can either make you move or make you stuck. It is up to you how to deal with fear. Fear can help you or break you.