August 15, 2016


There will be times when your teammates or family members were getting weak and losing hope because of the adversity that is striking in. You will see in their body language that they are starting to quit. Their voices becomes  weaker, their movements become slower. At anytime they will raise the white flag.

And if you think you are the only person who doesn't want to give up the fight... then you should emit an energy of hope. Be their voice, be the captain, be a leader that will make them find their energy again and keep fighting,

You can't be one of these guys who will blame others and point fingers once they are losing. That attitude will make the people around you lose hope and even weaker. Be an source of inspiration not a destruction.

If your team is down by a large margin, think of something that will ignite them. Do something that will give them strength, it is either you make a ridiculous move that makes the crowd goes wild or you show them an effort that is very hard to copy. Show them an energy that is contagious and will make their confidence goes higher. It is simply working hard than anybody else and making sure yo will give a positive contribution.

If your family is experiencing a crisis such as lack of money or food, it is the best time to emit an energy of hope too. Instead of just watching your co family members die in hunger or become crazy because of worrying about their financial problems, why don't you look for something to contribute? go out and find money and never come back unless you have something to give to them. If making money isn't what you feel then do something that will make them entertain. Crack some jokes, tell inspirational stories, sing like a bird. Just do something that will somehow ease the pain that they were feeling. You can do something, you can make a difference. Change the vibration that is dominating your home.

If shits are tough, you have to be aware of the people around you. If you care for them, if you care for making a comeback, if you care about winning then you should emit an energy of hope. When you do it, that is the time when people around you will begin to feel revitalized, they will be energized and they will begin to think positive and make positive actions too.

Emitting an energy of hope, is the starting point of changing the situation. You will create momentum that can lead to a big turnaround. It is just a matter of finding the spark so the motor will run again.

Not everyone can be the source of hope so if you wanted to win, if you want to bring life back to your family or friends or teammates again then emit an energy of hope. Stop waiting because at any given time the people around you may quit. You better make a move and rescue them, make them feel alive again. It is not about being a miracle guy or something, just do anything that will make the situation better.