August 08, 2016


One problem that most of you are experiencing nowadays is you postpone something that is easy.

Yeah it is really easy but why are you not doing it?

Your project is just about doing some stupid basket or lantern that will be done in just two hours, you tell yourself that it is very easy so why don't you do it now? Is it really easy or are you just being lazy? This is the main problem, if you thought that it is doable, you tend to procrastinate and do it later. You believe that you can do it even if your eyes were closed, you thought that only minimal time is needed to finish the task that is why you don't take it seriously. If it is easy then why don't you do it?

And when the time comes that you are doing it... surprise!!!! you will see that it's not that easy. You will crumble, you are rushing because the time remaining for doing the job is very little and tomorrow is the deadline. The result is... you are making a very ugly output because you are rushing and you want to sleep right away because it is almost 3 am.

Another example... you are taking your opponent lightly because you think he is easy to beat. You are toying him, making fun of him. Few minutes later... your opponent found his rhythm and confidence. You are the one whose being played around. You are the one who cannot find your rhythm anymore. You lost your confidence and in the end... you lost. What a very ugly ending. You become cocky so you experience tragedy.

If it is really easy to do then why don't you do it?. Why don't you move and finish it right away?

Finish it while you still have time, while you still have momentum. Because you never know... things may change, circumstances may turn around and in the end you will be the one who will regret your own actions. You may want to turn back time but it is too late.


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