August 05, 2016


It is true that there are lot of hurtful things in this world that may hurt you, there is nothing arguable about that. Anything can hurt you, anyone can hurt you, no one is immune of being hurt.

While it is true that hurt comes from external but most hurt really comes from internal. Most people thought that they were being hurt but the reality is they also hurt themselves. You don't know that you are hurting your self by engaging in some activities that are negative and less beneficiary. Here are the activities that hurts you without knowing from that start that it may hurt you.

1. Reading comments. You read a lot of comments in facebook or any other form of social media. When you see a comment that is not according to your liking, you will explode like a lava and instigate a fight. You feel bad, you feel so violent and you want a war. You say words that can hurt people but deep inside you are hurting too. By engaging in a discussion that is negative, you will not win you will only feel bad in the end. And the worse thing is... people will see your bad side, sometimes people will even label you as a bad individual becase of your choice of words. If you don't want to get hurt... stop reading comments because those were mostly made by negative people, those were made by people who don't know what to do with their lives so they are busy pulling some people down.

2. Constantly looking for improvement. You just did 50 situps yesterday and now you are looking at your stomach already. You are checking it if it has some abs on it.

You just read 2 pages of your book and now you are expecting that your life will change because you know something.

You just invest your 50 dollars to some kind of an investment company and now you are checking your account in their website if your money has doubled. You check it every now and then, you are expecting that it has doubled.

You just put some astringent in your face last night and now you are checking it if it is smooth like a face of a celebrity.

You just cut eating rice for 2 nights and now you already checked your weight 12 times.

Constantly looking for improvement will bring disappointment. You know in yourself if you deserve something or not, you know if you really work hard for something or not. You don't need to check results very now and then because the moment you don't see any progress... you are hurting yourself again. The results will show itself when the right moment has arrived. Don't wait for it, work for it.

3. Worrying about what hasn't happen yet. If the problem is not yet there, even if there is a big possibility that it will happen... don't think about it. Just don't, stop it. Worrying is like killing the moment, it avoids you from being happy. If something is meant to happen then it will happen, if you can do something about it then do it. But don't ever worry about the things that you cannot control.

In the first place, you are the creator of your own life so if something bad is meant to happen so be it. You did a participation from it so accept the consequences of your action.

Worrying is like dying, it is worse than having a deadly disease. You have the right to choose what thoughts to entertain so it is better to focus on positive thoughts than negative ones. Just stop worrying because it is not helping.