June 23, 2016


Some people were very good in playing the victim role. They blame their parents, government, coaches, teachers, wives, husbands, friends, relatives, enemies, neighbors and any other people to why they are failing. They always make a pity party and invite negative energies to their lives.

They always say "because of this, because of him blah blah blah blah blah that is why I fail, I am really a good person but I am treated unfairly by those mean people."  Wow!!! for real? what the fu** dude, what the fuc**!!

What they do not know is they are the suspect of their own tragedy. They murdered their own dreams, they killed their own ambitions by the faulty decisions that they made from the past. They buried their own desires by their laziness and being irresponsible in their own lives. And now what? they were looking for someone else to take the blame, they just want to point fingers to others so they can save themselves from humiliation.

You are the one whose responsible for your failures and no one else. Who is not professional at his work? who is not giving his best? who is so lazy and procrastinating every now and then? And now you're telling everyone that you are not lucky and God is unfair? Stop playing the victim role because you are the suspect for the crime that you bring into your life. You raped your personality, you stabbed your discipline, you shot your motivation, you beat your dreams to death. Some people may have some participation in your failures but you are still the primary suspect. You are the mastermind and you are the commander. There is no one else to blame but you. So, surrender now and face the punishment that is waiting for you. You deserve it so don't feel pity for yourself.

But... cheer up! It is never late for you to change. You can still be given a pardon and make a dramatic change in your life. All you need to do is think right this time and do right this time. Stop making excuses and start producing results. You have a lot of time left, even if you are old your dreams were still young. You can still make it happen. Just stop passing the blame to others and take responsibility for your own actions. You can still change your image, you can still be the man.

What I want to you to do is be humble. Accept that you made mistakes from the past and correct it all. There is nothing wrong in a person who is admitting his own mistakes. What is wrong is you already knew that it is your fault but you are still playing the victim role. Stop pretending that you've been victimized by circumstances instead make a decision to face all of your problems and shortcomings.

The world is waiting for you. If you've been jailed for a long time by your irresponsible behavior, you can be set free if you change your attitude and do the right things this time. It's never too late, stop playing the victim role.