June 29, 2016


What you have is already beautiful, what makes it ugly is because you look for other things and compare it. For example you have a brand new car, you really love it, you love its color, you love its features but once your car is not new anymore and you see a more branded and newer car... you will immediately fall out of love with your car. You will compare your car to the newer one and because your car isn't that new anymore, you want to sell it to buy the newer one. You will just add another burden to your life because once you purchase a newer car... you will have to pay the monthly payment again. The cycle goes on and on, you never get satisfied, you always want a brand new once there is a release.

Same as other things, you buy a new cellphone, you dress it, customize it, put apps on it. But once there is a new release out in the market that is much fancier and has more specs... you would love to buy it. You will curse your old cellphone and want to sell it for a lower price just to buy the new one. Was that crazy?

Your property becomes ugly not because of its oldness but because you compare it to a more flashy one. You didn't give importance to the hardwork that you put in just to buy that thing. You will make yourself suffer again just to say that you have the newest things in town. You want people to talk about you because you can always buy new things but behind it... your pocket is zero balance. Your wallet is very hungry because it is always empty.

If you will stop comparing and learn to appreciate what you have then you will have lesser problems in life. You don't need to compete with your friends about who has the most high tech gadget. You don't need to make yourself suffer just to buy the most talk about cellphone or car or bag. Just appreciate what you have, focus on it and you will love it even more.