June 30, 2016


Whatever is it that you want get it!!! by any means get it, but make sure that your method of getting it won't hurt anyone. You can get anything, you can have whatever is it that you want, there are no limits, there are no exact methods.

And speaking of methods, whatever method that you know, apply it. Apply it without conscience or second thinking, apply it without doubting if it will work or not. Whatever knowledge you have, use it!

WHATEVER! people were so trapped by this dogma of how to become successful. They produce a lot of methods and technicalities. The only thing that you must do and concentrate is action. Whatever action or positive movement that you can implement, do it! Any action has an equivalent attraction. If you work hard then you will be rewarded hard. If you work soft then your output will also become soft. There is no other way around, success is very basic, it is easy if you will be just a single minded person who takes non stop action and endless commitment.

Just pound it, just grind it, just do it. Whatever useful thing that you can use now, whatever resources that you can use, use it. Again, there is no hesitation here. Hesitation equals destruction.

You can spend 25 years of planning and not getting results but you can spend a year of moving and getting half of the results that you want. You are not here to think you are here to move.

Aren't you sick and tired of endless planning, endless imagining that you have it? Now is the time to make a declaration that WHATEVER IT IS that you can do, you will do it.

There is no wrong action as long as the action is positive and related to your dreams. Every action is the right action. Take awkward actions, use weird movements, implement unknown techniques. That is how to do it, doing everything you know.

What is the use of your knowledge if you are not going to use it?