June 06, 2016


They say that forget about past because it is not happening anymore but there were also some past events worth remembering. Forget that past if it is just making you feel bad, sad and regretful but if it is something that makes you happy, it is ok to remember it over and over again. Talk about it, cherish it, celebrate it. Enjoy the good feelings you get by remembering your good past.

Always keep in mind that your life should have more happy past than sad past. There is no perfect life and you cannot escape bad moments because that is how our lives were designed, it is composed of bad and good moments, life will not operate normal if the other one is missing. But you can make your life at least 80 percent happiness and only 20 percent sadness. It is up to you, happiness can be created by yourself, you don't need external bullshits to give you happiness. All you need to do is prepare a positive mindset and you can live a life full of happiness.

What are the pasts worth remembering?

1. Hardships in life. Hardships in life are very hard to forget and shouldn't be forgotten because it brings the toughness in you. You become a better person now because you experience a lot of tough times. Remember when you were struggling to finish your studies, you have inadequate allowance, you survive the storm and the traffic, you survive your terror professors, you survive the thesis that takes a lot of time to finish, you survive all of the subjects that you don't want to take. If you will remember all of those days, you will be proud of yourself and you will smile a little bit. The feeling of surviving all the hard times is priceless. It is like "after all of those hard times it feels good to be alive, hahaha".

Remember when you don't have money and you were so hungry. It is cool to remember those times especially if you are successful now, you remember all the struggle for money, you want a job so bad but you can't find one, you were so hungry and all you can eat is some meal that will only last for 2 hours and then you will go back being hungry again. Remember when no one wants to help you and you want to quit but you know that one day you will have a better life and you no longer need to experience hunger and being broke. It is really cool to remember those times because you will see how tough you are and you know you can outlast anything.

Remember your hardships in life especially if you are having tough times again. You will realized how strong you are and you knew you've been there before so you know all you need is to just weather the storm and everything will become fine again.

2. Special places that you see. It is lovely to remember and have a recap on the special places that you see, especially if you really have fun from those places and there were special moments that happened. And everytime you heard those places, memories will flashback. A smile on your face will show again, sometimes you even feel young again especially if what you remember is a place that you seen a very long time ago.

3. Victories. This is one of the most lovely things to remember. Who doesn't want to talk about his own victory? it brings the excitement again, it brings the motivation again because it reminds you that you are a winner. You want to become victorious again, you want to experience competing again, you want to feel the pressure again. You want to pursue another big goal and achieve again. That is why people cannot forget the victories that they get from the past, being victorious is a really good feeling, you feel strong, you feel proud and you feel like you are on top. Always remember your victories because it will remind you how good you are and what are your capabilities.

4. Funny moments. This is very fun to remember especially if there is a reunion. All the funny moments, all the embarrassing moments are very hard to forget especially if a memory has once made your stomach aching because of severe laughing. Just remember some funny moments if you are having a bad day and you will see that you will forget that you are stressed, you will appreciate life again because you want to experience those funny moments again.

It is ok to remember past but make sure that what you are reminiscing is a good one and can make you feel better. Never bring back the past that will just make you sad and bitter. Past is a part of your life but you can choose what to keep and what to forget.