June 29, 2016


The right way to do a particular thing is the one that gives results. There is no specific strategy or technique to do something. You can wash the dishes with hot or cold water, you can wash it directly with soap or you can remove the dirt first with running water and then washing it with soap. Any style will do, there is no written rule on how to wash the dishes, there is no specific rule for simple things.

Just like in kickboxing, your coach will tell you the proper way of kicking and punching. he will correct your stance, your timing and your technique, but what if you don't like what he is teaching you? You are free to invent your own style, the style that you want, the style that will give you results. There are some martial artists who just learn martial arts by themselves, they watch some videos or watch some fighters training then they combined all what they've learned to create their own style. They created a style that fits them and can produce results.

Some people will tell you how to properly hold a pencil, that is crazy. You can even hold the pencil with only three fingers and you can still write, if you can write then it is right.

It is time to stop listening to those bullshit stories on how to do things. You can listen to them if their proposals interests you but if not... just ignore them and discover things on your own, do things on your own.

Some people say that running is much easier if you have music on your ears while some other says that you can count so you will forget the pain in your legs. Whatever works for you do it, if it didn't work then stop it, as simple as that.

I think that what is easier for you and what makes you feel good that produces results is the right thing. If it is easier for you to lift heavy weights while thinking about food then do it, if it is easier for you to concentrate while rubbing palms then do it. What gives you the proper momentum, apply it, don't be shy to look weird, don't be afraid to look ridiculous.

Some wannabes are poisoning other people's minds on how to do things. Yeah they maybe right but if they keep on insisting to other people that their style is the only style that will work then they were crazy. Each of us can develop our own style, each of us can use the style that we want.