June 09, 2016


If you are getting results that are the same over and over again it only means that you are not changing your approach or your habits are not very effective. In this article I will talk about the results changers that are very effective and can change your life not so fast but day by day you will see progress and you will enjoy the journey.

1. STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR MISFORTUNES - Life is really unfair you should get use to this. If life is fair then it will be much easier for everyone to climb to the top but the reality is it is not so stop dealing with the past, stop remembering the bad things that happened to you, stop spreading it to everyone you know so you can get sympathy and special treatment. If you always talk about your misfortunes then you will get stuck thinking about it everyday, your mindset will be poisoned and you will not produce little momentum that will change your life.

Talking about your misfortunes everyday only means you are bitter and you cannot move on. Stop blaming the world for you not succeeding, you also have a big participation in your failure, yeah maybe you've been treated unfairly but it doesn't mean you will be treated like that forever. If you also keep on talking about your failures you will also attract people who fails, they will agree with your problem, talk about your problem and pretends that they are on your side but the reality is they are happy because they found someone who is failing like them, they don't want you to become successful so they will pull you down. Forget about the past and see the brighter future ahead of you.

2. CHANGE AT LEAST ONE BAD HABIT - what is the baddest habit that you have? a habit that stops you from progressing. It can be playing video games for 8 hours a day, drinking everyday, watching TV for 12 hours a day. A habit that you are sick and tired of but you cannot remove from your system. Change that habit and replace it with a healthier and more beneficiary one. I know it is hard but if you will always think about your goals and your wanting to get better then you can make it. You can make the change, don't rush it, be patient and you will see that you've already changed. Look for a replacement that is not hard to do, it can be about arts or music, anything that interests you that will make your life better.

3. DEVELOP AT LEAST ONE HABIT THAT WILL CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR GROWTH - think of a habit that will give you growth. It can be a habit for mental or physical growth. A habit of running everyday is good for both mental and physical or any kinds of exercise, develop it and you will see a dramatic improvement in your life. You will become more motivated, energetic and positive person. A habit of reading positive books is also good, you will have a different outlook in life, you will learn a lot of lessons, you will know strategies that will put you on top. Any habit that will contribute to your growth will change your life, you will have a direction and you will have more confidence because you know you are improving one day at a time.

4. PRACTICE EXTENSIONS - those who are willing to go further will eventually succeed. If you are working for at least 5 hours a day, make it 5.5 hours. If you are exercising for 30 minutes a day make it 32. making extensions will make you better, your will power will become stronger. You will have an edge from others because you are exerting more effort and the result is... greater rewards. Extending more minutes and effort means you want it more than others. It means you wanted to become greater than yesterday and for sure you will.