June 28, 2016


If a man suffers a lot just to reach his position now or just to get what he have now... RESPECT HIM PERIOD.

Even if you have more than what he have, still respect him. He deserves respect because he earned it.

There is no point in trying to bring down a man whose car is cheaper than yours or shoes not branded as yours. If he works hard he deserves credit and appreciation.

There are lot of pussies in this world who have a lot and very boastful but the truth is they don't earned it from hard work. They only get it from corruption, inheritance or any scam that produces filthy rich.

I will respect a pedicab driver who is grinding 18 hours a day just to bring something for his family. It is not the status or the hierarchy of  the job that should earn respect from the society, it is the hardwork and purpose of a person. If he is working hard for his family and he is a good provider then we should clap our hands for him and praise him like a saint.

You can look like a rich person who have gadgets, fancy clothes etc. but if you didn't work for your things then you shouldn't get a lot of respect from people. You are just a pretender trying to smell good but the reality is your personality smells bad.

I'd rather respect a garbage collector who is honest and working very hard just to send his children to school than a politician who is just sitting all day and corrupting money from the people. Again, don't get blinded by the social status, look for the purpose of a person and give the right treatment that he deserves.

Let's respect all the hardworking individuals who is dying everyday just to give something for their family. What kind of job doesn't matter, salary doesn't matter, social status doesn't matter. If you are working really hard and your purpose is good then you should be respected.