June 04, 2016


NO SYSTEM IS PERFECT - rugged breed

One of the biggest problem that our world is facing today is people always look for a system that is perfect. I am going to expose a reality and disappoint the people whose looking for a system that is perfect, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT SYSTEM.

People blame the government if they see some irregularities even if it is very little. They tend to criticize and make the issue bigger, even if the issue is just about a computer that is malfunctioning. They will brag, they will shoutout to the world that they found some issues, they will act like they were perfect and they need some perfect service.

You must accept that flaws is everywhere, imperfectness cannot be cured because no matter how hard you try, no matter how do you want the world to become perfect... you will not see it, especially if you are so judgemental and you cannot appreciate the real beauty in life.

Even if you just belong to a small group, you will see that the system there is not perfect. There will be some irregularities, little mistakes, shortcomings and any other things that makes your group imperfect. What you need to do is either correct it or  just ignore it. If it is not making any damage then just let it be. And even if you correct a simple mistake, you will still find another fault in other areas. The imperfectness will never end, you need to accept it. You can make things better but don't expect that problems will never show again in the future.

Even if you go to the richest country in this world, even if you associate yourself to the most educated people... you will still see some flaws and sometimes it will even disappoint you because you are expecting too much. You can only find a better place but it doesn't mean you will no longer see any problems.

Learn to adapt and accept. If you can't change something then just accept it, stop focusing on it because it will only get bigger. Problems become big because people tend to make it bigger. Learn to adopt because it is the only way how to make your life easier. Accept that your environment has some problems and there is nothing you can do about it. If you can change it then go but if you cannot then just forget it and place your focus on other things that are more pleasant.

Finding a perfect system exists only in dreams. People always say "this is the perfect place for me", "that is the perfect job for me", "this is what I've been looking for for a very long time" and when they see some faults...they will feel bad and look for immediate replacement.

You should not adjust your environment, you should learn how to adjust to your environment. Life is very easy if you can adapt and stop complaining. All you can do is find a better place if you wanted to move, but as the time goes by, you will still see some ugliness around you. It is because people cannot be satisfied on what they have, they always look for some better things and when they found it... they will still look for another that is better than the previous one. The cycle will never end, if you have this kind of mindset then you will be in a rat race forever.