June 09, 2016


It is the deadline of your project today, you are so worried, you are thinking if you can make it or not. It is a 50-50 scenario. Either you can make it or not, it depends on how fast you work and you think. There are lot of pressure building inside of you, you are always looking for the time left. Every minute you are looking at the clock. The time goes faster and faster every time you look at the clock.

Looking at the clock is another waste of time, you are not contributing to your progress, you are only making the situation worse. You will feel bad because you always think that time is running out. The best thing to do is stop worrying about the time left and just do what you can do.

Worrying about the time left will just destroy your focus. Fear will become stronger, you will not be yourself anymore if you always worry about time. The things that you can do easily will be more difficult because your mind is not at the right place. It feels like your mind and body were so heavy. You can't move fast, you can't think fast, you feel so tired and wanted to escape the situation.

Just look for what you can do and do it. Regardless of the time remaining just make little steps. Don't ever think to finish on time because it will only add pressure to yourself. Just play it cool and move as if there is no time pressure. Time will pass anyway, just do what you can do and give your best.

Your intention to finish must be stronger than your concern about deadlines. If you have a strong desire to finish then you can do it even if the time is very limited. You can find ways, the doors will open, you will part the sea like what Moses did. You will even discover some things that you can do that you thought before is very impossible to accomplish by a guy like you.

Look at any sport team who were rushing because they were behind. They made a lot of mistakes, they always look at the clock that is why they can't focus. Their heads become hotter, they feel the pressure even more, they were breathing heavily and their body language is not looking good. It shows in their movement that they are not doing the right thing, they were scared to lose, they are not playing to win anymore, they just want to avoid the buzzer and not hear the sound of losing.

It is not about the time, it is about how you feel. Even if there is small amount of time left, if you feel good you can still win. Feeling good will make you forget about the time so you can think clearly and make the right decisions. You can make the right adjustments if you feel good, you can move quickly if you feel good, the key here is being cool under fire. What is the big deal if you can't make it? are you going to die? if life is not on the line then you shouldn't rush, not for a second.

No matter what you do, never look at the clock, clock will make you stuck. Clock will freeze your body and it will make you do poor judgement. You will become depressed if you look at the clock, time will pass anyway, just finish what is on your way.