June 22, 2016


Sometimes in life, you really don't know what to do, you don't know where to start or you don't know if you will still continue walking on the road that seems broken or has no direction.

A lot of people were lost in their lives because they never search for the right way. They accept that they were lost and cannot do anything about it. They just accept their fate and they never make a strong effort to at least change their situations.

You can find the right direction if you keep moving, yeah you might be lost over and over again but that's just the way it is.  You will never be found if you were not lost.

Right now, you may not know the right way yet but it will be revealed as you move along the way. If you keep on making mistakes and taking the wrong roads, the bigger the chances you will see the right way. Because you will know what is wrong and you will not do it again next time.

Take for example a guy that was new in the gym, he doesn't know what to do, he doesn't know where to start but if his mindset is to just sweat and gain a little strength then he will probably get some dumbbell and lift it until he feels the pain. He will just do something, it can be running on the treadmill, lifting some weights even though he really don't know how to properly use it, he will just do something until he gain some momentum, confidence and then he will learn as the time goes by. There will be even some people who will teach him how to do it the right way or he will even watch some people how to do it the right.

Unlike a person who is shy and conservative, he will not even try some machines or whatever you call it. He may be even get overwhelmed because he doesn't know anything, he might just go back home and tell himself "what the hell am I doing? this is not for me"

If you are lost in your life, all you need to do is do something positive. If you are an aspiring athlete and you don't know where to start, all you need to do is feed yourself something that is related to your dreams. If you want to become a swimmer and you don't know how to swim, you can teach yourself how to do it. Watch some videos in you tube and then apply it on the real life. If it doesn't work, don't stop, once you get frustrated it means you are almost there, it means you will discover it.

If you are broke and you don't know where to start, again all you need to do is keep moving until you find that momentum again. May it be just selling your clothes, watches or anything that you have that is not that useful just to get some money and start again, do it. Never be afraid to start all over again, never be afraid to do anything just to keep your wheel spinning.

The logic here is very simple... how can you find yourself, how can you create momentum if you will not move? In every movement you will see an improvement. Even if the improvement is very little, even if  it seems like useless, at least you still have a progress.

So if you are lost in life and you don' know how to start... just think of what is it that you want, and if you don't know what you want... just move still. Move and you will know what you really want. If it is just about eating food in the refrigerator or saying sorry to your enemy, you will know it if you engage yourself in motion. You will know the steps needed if you have faith in what you are doing and if you are not judging every step that you make.

Now you know the technique to get back on the right track if you are lost. It's just simple movement, it's just gaining a little momentum. Keep on moving until you reach your goal. Again, don't judge yourself if you are doing right. It is not about being right, it is doing something to become right.