June 08, 2016


Fall in love with numbers and it will give you everything. The law of average is real and it will not disappoint you. I am not saying that quantity is better than quality but huge numbers will cover up the mistakes. Huge numbers will always prevail because of the impact that it brings. When you heard millions what do you feel? You feel something right? you feel that there is something big. Sometimes you even feel overwhelmed because you think that millions is so big and very hard to get.

Huge numbers always mesmerize people. If you were good in producing huge numbers then you will get a lot of opportunities in life, you will get a lot of attention, people will wonder if you are good, they will give you the benefit of a doubt.

Huge numbers is very attractive because it promises a lot, it has the credentials needed by the people. Huge numbers is like an evidence that people wanted to see. They easily believed that someone who has huge numbers is credible and can be trusted.

For example in a class, a smart student have some absents for the whole semester, let's say he has 5 absents, if he is just an ordinary student then that will make a huge impact on his study, his professors may even questioned him. But because he is producing huge numbers like his grades were so high, his professors doesn't mind his absents. They know that he is smart and he is deserving to pass. His high grades can still pull his average up even though he miss some quizzes and assignments.

Another example is Dwyane Wade, this basketball player has once lead the NBA in turnovers. If not the leader then maybe on top 5. But at the same time he also lead his team in scoring and some other statistics. His teammates and coach cannot blame him because he is also contributing huge numbers to the team, His greatness has covered up his weakness, this is what huge numbers can do. It will make your mistakes invisible.

I have a friend who has two wives. His women is not complaining about his mistake of loving them both at the same time because he is a good provider. He makes a lot of money and he can give everything his wives were asking, he can give them a good and luxurious life. Again, this is not good but this is another example of how huge numbers can cover a mistake.

If you are working in a specific company and you have some problems. Let's say you are unprofessional, you are always late and you don't have a good work ethic. One thing that will protect you from being terminated to your job is produce huge numbers, be number one in production, be the number one in making sales or whatever, just be the number one in what company is looking for. I am very sure the company cannot let you escape because you are giving them something they want. This is not another good example but it happens in real life. If you can produce numbers that WOWS people then you have a protection.