June 08, 2016


We all have different ways of doing things, some of us were really focused and can finish a long task in a very short period of time while some people are having a hard time focusing because there are so many things going on inside their minds. It is really hard to control your mind because thoughts just pops randomly, sometimes we don't even know that we are doing something, we just discovered that we did it.

I will show you a technique that will still make you achieve your goal even if you are unfocused.

It is all about locking something inside of your head, 365 days a year.
You can procrastinate, you can do all of the things that you want, you can drink, you can party, you can waste a lot of time. But your goal should not be forgotten, your goal should always run inside of your head. You should think about it everyday and do something for it everyday. It can be a very little action or a certain amount of action that you can execute.

For example, you have a goal of building an online business, but you can't focus on it because you have other work. What you need to do is just do something about it everyday. It can be building an online audience little by little, promoting your business once a day. Adding some products, studying some techniques. Just do something that will make your business better than yesterday. Do it everyday, stop rushing the results and you will see that you already built a very good business. It only take 30 minutes or just an hour to do something for your business, you even watch TV for 3 hours when you got home so what is difficult about it?

You can do other things, you can do a lot of things but you are still focused. Your goal is always inside of your head and you are doing something consistently for its improvement, that is what "focus being unfocused" is all about.

Things to remember when doing this technique

• Your goal will take more time to achieve. For sure you will get what you want but it will take longer time because it is not your main priority. Even if you say that you want it more than any other things that you are doing, keep in mind that if you want to achieve something fast, you have to spend a lot of time doing it. If your main goal is to have a business on your own then you should leave your regular work if you want bigger and faster results.

This technique is very hard to maintain. If you want to use this technique then you should make it a habit. Just like I said, you should be consistent everyday in doing some things for your goal. You can't be doing something yesterday and not doing anything today. And because you are doing some other things, sometimes you might forget that you are pursuing a goal. It is hard because you also prioritize some other things but it is possible,

Focusing is really hard, you can focus on a single activity for one day and become very good at it but what if you still need to do some other things? what if you are not confident that you will succeed? you need a fallback if you are not sure that you will succeed. This technique is very effective if you will take it seriously and believe in it, again it will take a lot of time but for sure you will end up being successful.