June 18, 2016


You are in a progress for making a weight cut but you can't see that you are losing weight. It really feels bad if you know that you are working hard everyday and you can't see any result. You did the 1000 pushups, 2 hour run, 1000 situps and many more drills but still there is no result. Don't worry about it, if you think that you are not progressing then you are wrong. You are progressing because you've built the work ethic to do the right thing and that is already a progress. You may not see any result for now but sooner or later you will see it if you stick with the process and do the right thing until the end.

There is always a progress if you are working for a progress. For example if you are a broke son of a bitch and you don't want to live that type of life anymore. Once you decided that you will have a life of financial freedom, what you will do is you will pay all your debts. Even if you are having a hard time paying all of it, that is still a progress. Of course what you envisioned about a life of financial freedom is you are rich and you don't have debts, you have a lot of properties and abundance is everywhere in your life. But the point here is you are still progressing, even if you don't have a lot yet, paying debts and bills and facing all your financial obligations is already a progress so be happy about it. You are in the right direction, it is just a matter of time before you achieved that financial freedom that you are dreaming of.

Making progress is just appreciating the little move that you are doing. Making progress is not all about seeing the results right away. You can make progress just by doing he right decisions and keep on repeating it.

If you are looking for a progress about your financial status, you want to become rich, you want to have a lot of money. It is not all about doubling your bank account right away. If you are decide that you are going to become more responsible about handling your money then that is already a progress. Progress is also making the right decisions. It is also about putting yourself in the right position. You are taking baby steps and you are fine with that, even micro steps should be considered as a blessing. Appreciate all the small progress while working for the progress that is how big progress can be accumulate.