June 16, 2016


If you think that you can change right away and it only take one night to change then don't bother changing. Just live your old life and live it until you become old and grey. Change is a process, it is not a one night stand.

Change is something stressful but very useful. You can be anything you want if you change. The only problem in change is it is really difficult because sometimes you think you've already changed but you go back to your old habits again. For me change is the most difficult thing to do especially if you're addicted to your old habits, it is simply because people were so afraid of having to deal with new environment, new tasks, new work, new people to deal with. They were so afraid of uncertainty, they just want everything to remain the same forever which will never happen. They don't want anything new because they don't want to make adjustments, they just want to

If you rush change then change will not happen. You need to have a lot of patience if you want to change because it will never happen over night. Those who were telling everyone that they've changed in one week or lesser than that are pure liars. When you say change, you completely change and you will not go back to your old habits anymore, your way of thinking has also changed and it will be seen in the way you live your life, it can be seen on the things you have and the people around you.

Changing is very frustrating but very rewarding. Once you change then your life will change, you will attract different things, people and opportunities in your life. You will have different results so if you are failing in the past and you change some parts of your life then chances of succeeding will go up.

Just relax if you wanted to change and never guard yourself, what I mean is never look if you've already changed because it will only make you sad if you aren't seeing any results. Take a look at a dieting fat ass woman who wants to change her body, she is always looking at the mirror every now and then instead of doing some exercise and preparing some healthy foods. Her energy was focused on the results that is why she can't achieve results. She felt depressed when she saw her body not changing. This is what usually happen to most people, they thought that change will happen the moment they decided to change, what they do not know is that change is a process and a lifetime commitment. You can't just change by deciding to change. Change needs time, change needs a lot of patience.

Look at what happen to those who used steroids... After celebrating a good body and incredible strength for a very short period of time, they go back to zero and being weak. They experience a lot of side effects and some of it were very dangerous. This is what will happen if you will rush change, you will be whacked in the end and you will go back from the very start. Nothing will be left to you.

If you really wanted to change then be willing to experience negative emotions because change is really uncomfortable. If you are an alcoholic son of a bitch and you decided to stop your alcoholic activities then be willing to salivate once you see some beers and alcohols and you should control yourself from buying some. It is hard especially on the transition period but once you develop a habit of controlling yourself and disciplining your self for at least 2 months then for sure change has taken place. All you need to do after it is to sustained what you've built and never go back to your old habits again.

Be strict and always follow your own rules, if you say you won't do it then don't do it, if you say you will do it then do it. It is all about having self integrity and being 100 percent committed to change.