June 20, 2016


If you are doing something always think that you are improving, have the mindset that once you finish practicing or doing your job then you are different from what you are yesterday, you feel that you reached another level. It is one way how to achieve long lasting happiness in life.

Because progress is one thing that is really enjoyable seeing. People love growth, people love progressing. Progress is so healthy and it makes you motivated. Progress makes you wake up everyday with a purpose. Everyday progress will lead you to greatness.

You should have a mindset of progressing everyday and to achieve this you should work everyday and push a little harder. You should somehow outwork your self yesterday and add a little effort today.

Consistency will make you improve. Practice consistency, it serves as a bridge of yesterday and today. If you can always continue what you are doing and never miss a single day then you will suddenly improve. No need to think if you gain some improvement, if you are consistent then improvement will come naturally. You will not notice that you were already a better person. The transformation is very natural if you are consistent. No need to gather a lot of details, no need to overthink. Just be consistent and you will become successful.

No matter what you do, always seek for improvement. Find what is it in your life that you can improve. It can be about your health, work, physical strength, mental toughness, money, skill or whatever it is that needs improvement. You can improve if you are dedicated and serious. There is no such person as hopeless case and cannot evolve. You can find ways how to get better if you want to make your life better.