June 29, 2016


I would like to thank everyone who follows my blog. It's been 7 years of blogging, this blog starts as "zero dramas" on 2010 then I changed it to "move igniter" and then finally I decided not to change its name anymore. This time "rugged breed" will stay forever.

Thank you to all who were writing me a letter and appreciating my work. I promised you that I will make articles as long as I am living. My goal is to give ideas about life, this is not purely about motivation, this is also called "eye opening creation".

My goal as a writer is to make some money but the money is not yet flowing, because of this I realized that I am a true writer. A writer writes because he wants to even if there is no benefit from his writing. To me the real benefit is I was able to express some of my feelings and share the world my ideas about life. Like I said from the beginning, if I can inspire just one person then I will continue writing. I am amazed by the growing fan base of rugged breed as the years go by.

Like many, I am still in pursue of success. I am still in progress but I will never give up, my writings will continue as long as I am breathing. I know that my ideas are not for everyone and not too many people will understand it but just like I said, my intention is clear, my intention is positive and if they cannot understand me then that is their problem. The rugged breed will continue to rise and give people different perspectives about life. I already promised to myself that I will never stop writing until there is a life in my life. Thank you everyone and continue supporting the rugged breed!