January 14, 2016


You will feel something wrong with you or something wrong will happen if you do something wrong in the beginning. Do you get what I mean?

You know something wrong will happen if you screw up in your preparation, right? There is a competition ahead of you but you didn't prepare well. The confidence is low, the mastery of skills or knowledge is not there so before you enter the competition you already knew that something wrong will happen. Your body language is poor, your spirit is low and you already quit the moment you feel a little bit of pain. It feels like you just want to go home right away and forget the embarrassment that you are feeling right now. You know you can't win and you know that you did something wrong so why continue?

You will feel something wrong if you didn't double check. You didn't double check if the doors are locked when you leave the house, you will feel something wrong while you are traveling. A lot of negative thoughts will enter your mind. You will think that someone will try to invade your house. You will think that a robber might stole all the money and important belongings that you leave in your house. You will try to come back at home as early as possible even though your purpose for leaving the house is not yet accomplished.

You didn't double check if your car have good tires and if the engine is still in good condition. You will worry while traveling, you feel that there is something wrong with your car. You are always in fear while traveling using your car because you didn't double check what is needed. You will just pray and get lucky that everything will be alright until you get home.

You will always feel something wrong if you did not prepare and did not double check. Preparation gives confidence and ensures success while double checking will give you peace of mind. If you always wanted to feel comfortable make sure that you do these processes. It is really hard if you always feel that there is something wrong, you cannot be yourself and you cannot enjoy the moment. The worse is something wrong really happens.