January 29, 2016


It is painful to fail over and over again, it is heart breaking and it feels like there is no other way to succeed but don't ever let your mind fool you, don't let the situations deceit you. Sometimes you have to reach that certain level amount of pain to succeed. You should not be scared because pain is just a feeling, yeah sometimes we label pain as a negative emotion but what it really gives to us is strength and success.

When you didn't get what you want after working for how many months or how many years it is really frustrating. For example you are trying to get promoted, you worked really really hard and you agree to get unpaid during overtime. You do what is needed, you agree to be treated like a dog who follows all the commands of his master. You fetch this, lick that, bite that, clean that. Then when the promotion period comes... your boss promoted another person, his favorite one. It feels like the whole world falls on you, it feels like "where did I go wrong?". It feels like you've been cheated. BUT NO, if you see what happened to you as a positive way then you will be alright.

That pain that you feel will make you go all out. It will give you a sense of direction that enough is enough for that company. It will give you the strength to move on and go for another place that can appreciate you more. That pain really hurts you and it will make you realized that you have nothing to lose anymore. You will become fearless because you already experienced some kind of pain that nobody has ever felt. You already knew the feeling so you will not be afraid to fail again.

Just like in business, athletics or any kind of career that you have. If you experience a certain level amount of pain then you will become a lion. You will be awaken. You will say to yourself "who are these people to treat me like this?". There is some form of rebellion that will build inside of your head. It is not a negative rebellion that will kill people. It is a form of rebellion that wants to prove yourself that you can become successful without the approval from others.