January 19, 2016


Want a little inspiration? want a little motivation? imagine something that you really like. Something like branded shoes, shirts, bags etc. Imagine it, imagine wearing those things, having all of those things and imagine the feeling that it gives to you. How does it feel? how does it feel wearing a signature Jordan 11 that only 5 people have? how does it feel wearing Nike tees everyday? How does it feel using a fancy bag?

Sometimes you needed an inspiration from little things, you need something to aim even if those are just things. It is ok to become materialistic as long as it serves you, as long as it gives you motivation. But make sure that those things are not bringing you down or making you poor. Make sure those things makes you rich. Make sure you buy those things because you have a lot of extra money.

We needed something that triggers us, something that makes us move and motivated. Whether it is things, foods, trips etc. But make sure that those things makes you grow and more successful. Purchase those things because you have more and purchase them as a form of celebratory and not a hobby.

Buy those expensive things, foods, trips because you earn a lot or you achieved something great. Don't buy those things just for the sake of buying it and showing it to the people. Use those things as  a motivation and do not make it an addiction.