January 20, 2016


It's all over, you don't need to think about it anymore, just laugh at it and laugh at yourself.

You will not think about the past that embarrassed you anymore because it is doing you no good. You will not think about the people that hurts you from the past anymore because it doesn't serve you.

You will only think about the bright future that is ahead of you, the opportunities that will make you grow and the right people that makes you feel good. The days of bitterness is over and THIS TIME IS YOUR TIME. It's time for you to feel good, it is time to celebrate life. It is time to take full control of your life and experience all the things that you want.

The days were you are so afraid to express yourself are over. This time you are more confident, this time you are a bad ass. This time you are mean and you mean it. This time you mean business, if you say you will do it you do it. You are so serious now about reaching your goals and you aren't afraid to take big risks. This time you are not afraid to lose anymore and you are here to win BIG.

The days were you are so afraid to tell your crush that you like here are over. This time you don't waste time. This time you're a real man, you ask her for a date, buy her flowers, take her to dinner and give her goose bumps. You take her emotions to another level and you make her fall in love with you. The days were you're like a nerd that is so afraid of women are over. This time you feel like a celebrity and your confidence is soaring high.

The days were you are so lazy are over. This time you do what you have to do RIGHT AWAY. You don't watch tv first, you don't open your facebook first. You do the most important task right away. You go to the gym even if you feel bad, you talk to clients even if you are sick, you never make lousy excuses anymore. The days of being soft are over. You are complete transformed man and will never look back to his old self.

This time you give authority to yourself to take over. This time you will lead. This time you will shine, the days of hiding are over. The days of being like a caveman are over. This time you are willing to succeed more than anybody else and you want it so bad like its the only glass of water in the world and you want to drink it. THIS TIME IS YOUR TIME, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. ONLY NOW.