January 05, 2016


A lot of gurus out there are preaching about the path of least resistance, I will explain further what it is. The path of least resistance doesn't literally means you will have a smooth ride, you will have an easy way of going to the top. It also doesn't mean you don't need to feel pain or failure. The words "PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE" sounds really good but it is also deceiving.

The real meaning of the PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE is you are doing what your heart feels and when I say feel you really love the feeling and there is no one in this world can give you that feeling other than yourself. You will follow what your heart tells you to do regardless of the outcome, you enjoy doing your own thing over and over again even if for others it looks so hard.

You will still experience some pain and hardships if you are travelling the PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE but you are ok with that because you know it is worth it. You know that what you are doing is right and the reward will show itself in the end no matter how long it takes. You will still feel some resistance but you can overcome it easily because you love what you are doing. It is ok for you to feel some pain, it is ok for you to fail over and over again because you enjoy taking that path.

The PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE is your own path, you created that path that is why you love it so much and you don't care about what people say. You don't care if it is right or wrong.

For example in body building or strength conditioning, some drills will be easy for you but for others is very hard because each of us has his own path of least resistance. Some people will enjoy doing things while others don't. Some people love using treadmill while others don't. Some people enjoy lifting heavy weights while some people just love doing push ups.

If you want to become successful or rich but the only way you can think of to achieve that is by studying an in demand course that you don't really like then you will experience a PATH OF SEVERE RESISTANCE. You will have a hard time achieving your goal because your way how to do it is not the way that your heart wants.

The PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE is your own choice, own rules, own method, own liking. It shouldn't be influenced by norms, standards or what is safe. Every path you choose is the right path for as long as you really love it. Path of least resistance also means freedom, freedom how to do things and make it work by your own judgement.

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