January 26, 2016


There are some beliefs that there is a chosen one, there is someone who was born with great talents. There is someone who was born with all the gifts given to him and he will succeed no matter what. He was born with greatness inside of him and he is like a super hero born with natural powers and destiny is always on his side. This chosen one never fails, this chosen one is invincible and he is destined to succeed even if he doesn't put in the hardwork and dedication.

If you really believe in chosen one then you are depriving yourself to become great too. You already agreed that greatness is for some people only and you are not part of it. If you are this type of person then you have no chance to become great because you already judge yourself and labeled yourself as an ordinary individual who cannot succeed and do something great.

On the other hand there are some people who doesn't believe in chosen ones which I think is very right. These people believed that everyone is created equal and anyone can become great if he chooses to. These people are striving to become great by working hard everyday and they dedicate their lives to their passion. They commit to improvement everyday and they believe that someday they can become great too. They never lose hope because for them the partner of greatness is perseverance.

It is up to you whether you want to believe in chosen ones or not, all I know is if you want to become great then you should think of greatness as for everyone and not for limited persons only. Greatness is not choosing anyone it is giving chance for everyone.