January 29, 2016

SHITTY DAY IS OK (It brings balance to your life)

If you have a bad day now then tomorrow will be a good day, life goes on, shitty day is a remembrance of a normal life. A life without sadness sometimes is a boring life and it is true. A lot of people wish for a perfect life without stress, traffic, arguments, bills to pay and any negative emotions but what they don't know is that an ugly day brings balance to their lives.

Shitty day is part of your life no matter how ugly it is so learn to appreciate it a little bit, if you can't appreciate then just accept it.

Even the person with the highest position in this world, even the richest person have a bad day. No one is excuse form experiencing it. It is just a matter of learning how to balance your emotions and do not get carried away if you are so stressed about what is happening around.

Keep in mind that chaos, stress, bad days are not ugly if we will look at it in a different way. It is normal to get frustrated but you should be aware of your feelings. You should know the real benefits of those negative emotions. Negative emotions are there to give you more positive emotions and it is true. The more you can handle negative emotions the more you will be happier. You will learn to appreciate life even more and you will see that there are some other things that you can be happy about. It is not about the situation of your life, it is all about how do you see that situation.