January 20, 2016


If you really want to become focus on your goals and get it as fast as you can you should learn how to overcome shortcomings. You should be able to learn how to improvise and adopt to any kind of situation no matter how ugly the situation seems to be.

Life as perfect as you wanted it to be will never give you perfect situations everyday. One funny thing about life is the more you pursue your goal the more challenges will come in unexpected days and situations.

There will be times when electricity is dead and you have a deadline to finish. There will be times when you are really budgeting your money, making smart  purchases and you still ran out of money. There will be times when the most important person in your project fails you. There will be times when you will got sick etc.

Shortcomings will never end but solutions also are infinite. There are millions of solutions around you, all you have to do is think about it and use it. All of the solutions that pops out from your mind may work and can be used as an alternative to your shortcomings. The big question here is are you fast in accepting the shortcomings of the situation and are you ready to make an alternative solution?

There are lots of people when strike with shortcomings will really feel bad and will get stuck on their current situation. They will make it as an excuse to not move on and find another way. They will complain everyday and will cry like a baby. They will waste time thinking about how everything was nice before and turns out to become a tragedy.

Always keep in mind that there is no shortcoming that you can't handle. There is always a way to make a better day. The more you train your mind in overcoming shortcomings then the more you will get stronger and faster in reaching your goals. Every big problems that comes on your way will look little. Challenges means nothing to you.

Life is not always perfect as I've told you before. But in those imperfect situations... those are the times where you should execute matured actions.