January 16, 2016


Attack big companies with great people, challenge great athletes, challenge the top dogs on your forte. Sometimes if you are only striving for greatness but not aligning with great people or things then you will have a really hard time being great, you will not know if you are good enough to become great.

If you are aligned with the greatest people on earth, if you are competing with them then you will make your self greater than them. You will do what they do and sometimes you even outwork them. You will also become a lion if you attack them instead of a sheep wanting to become a lion by day dreaming everyday and practicing a little bit.

One more thing, what makes people great is the competition. Great people loves to compete with other greats, they don't want to bully some weak individuals because they don't gain anything by doing it. They want challenges in their lives and they are always looking for some thrill that will bring out the greatness in them. If they don't feel pressure then they don't feel growth.

If you are striving to become great but you are in the land of weak individuals then you will not become great because you will only adopt their habits, you will compete with them and the competition with them is not that strong, not that stressful. It is so easy competing with them so you will not expand a lot. You will become satisfied with winning against them and your stuck in their circle.

It's time for you to attack greatness and become one of the greats. No more dreaming, no more striving for greatness and doing mediocre preparation everyday. Your skills are enough to challenge them, those skills are there to grow with great people and not to deteriorate with the weak ones.