January 01, 2016


There are millions of videos in you tube that says "WATCH THIS, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE COMPLETELY". The question is did it really change your life? I don't know if they really wanted to change your life or they just want to market their videos.

I've also been fooled by this kind of agenda. I've read books out there that says "this is a life changer" but after reading those books nothing happened to me.

The reality is nothing can change your life, no matter how many videos you watched, how many books you read your life will still remain the same. You can only get ideas but the power is still in your hands. The decision is still yours if you want to change your life. Once you decide that you want to change and fully commit to it then that's it. No need for self help books, no need for 30 day programs that will shave your wallet.

Give a beggar a thousand dollars and I bet his life will never change. He will have foods for days or weeks but his life will never change. It is because he doesn't want to change. Even if you help someone, even if you motivate someone or show him the right path, his life will not change until he decided to change it.

A lot of people are waiting for some big breaks, for some kind hearted people that will help them, for some lottery jackpot. They rely on external forces to change their lives. They do not know that even if the help was given to them their lives will still not change. It is because those help will just last for days and if those helped vanished then their lives will go back to being miserable.

The videos that you watched, the books that you are reading. It will only last for a few days or hours and you will forget them quickly. It is because your heart is not ready for change.

Change is done by slow process, no one can change in one night. It is done by developing small habits that will make your life better, small habits that will bring you one step closer to your goal. Change is painful, annoying, stressful but worth it. If you want to change then you should change your mindset first, change your habits, change your way of talking and behaving.

Little by little you can transform yourself into someone who is better than his old self. Just commit to the process and you will taste success.

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