January 01, 2016


It is ok if you are still on the Grind season, it is ok to see your neighbors celebrating. It is ok to see yourself working hard while everyone else around you are celebrating. Let them celebrate while you are designing your fate. Don't feel jealous because they are happy and you are not. They thought that they were already successful or maybe they just want live that way...Having fun while having less.

You cannot be affected by their noisy behaviors, you cannot be affected by their showmanship on how successful or happy they are. You need to stay on your course and keep doing what you think will make you successful. Those who celebrate early will fall early.

You are looking at the big picture and you are focus on the long term success. You are here in this world not to get jealous at individuals who just bought a new shoes and showing their shoes to the world. You are here to create bigger things and what I meant by bigger things are the things that normal people can't do.

Stay focus and avoid distractions, don't feel sorry for yourself if you are not succeeding yet because for as long as you are doing something that will make you successful you will eventually get there.

Let them drink a lot of champagnes because in the end you will drink the oldest and finest wine. Let them eat chickens because you will eat steak in the end. Let them buy a new ordinary car that thousands of people have because you will buy a luxurious car in the end, a limited edition one. Let them do the talking now because they will no longer talk in the end after being shocked to what you have accomplished.

Do the work now, embrace the hardships now and later in the end you will live like a king.

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