January 05, 2016


If you have nothing to contribute to your family, friends or group then don't be a burden. Not being a burden is already a contribution. Not being someone who needs babying is already a big help.

If you can buy your own food, clothes and pay your own bills then you are already a big help to your family. You don't need to give them extra money or buy them what they want just give them if you have a lot.

Being a person who is so dependent from others is a type of person that everyone hates. Everyone doesn't want a load to carry especially if that load is getting heavier and heavier everyday. You may think that it is ok to them that they are helping you but the reality is they are also thinking why can't you do it on your own or why can't you have the initiative to solve your own problem.

If you are in a group and you can't think of something to contribute then just be quiet. Don't be a burden like criticizing someone's work, backstabbing people or representing an idea that you know from the beginning won't work. Don't act like a boss and stop acting like you know a lot. Wait for the right time where your help is needed and just be present all the times. Do what you can do, bring positive frequency to the group.

 Be someone who is reliable, always present, will do what is needed and can bring positive energy to the group.

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