January 04, 2016


In life there are some events that happens that are hurtful to us but at the same time very helpful. We just don't know that they are helpful because we don't see it that way at first but when the right time comes then we will learn that what hurts us helps us.

When you got injured, it really hurts because you can't perform at your highest level, you can't even play for some period of time but it is helpful because you will learn that you need to get stronger. You will know that you need to take care of your body even better so you can avoid injuries in the future. You will also have time to reevaluate what is needed to become successful and dominator of the game. You can use the time of your healing process to build a game plan that will take you to the higher level.

When your parents are scolding you they are throwing you hurtful words that almost made you cry. You became angry and you are thinking that your parents don't love you but the reality is they are only doing that to make you a better person. They are leading you to the right path. Their words are hurtful but it will help you in the long run. When you grow up you will learn that your parents are somewhat right. They are not right all the times but their intention is for you to have a bright future.

When you got fired in a job it is one of the most hurtful moments in your life. Your confidence will tremendously go down. Your wife will cry, your children will get hungry. There are only 2 reasons why you get fired, it's either the company doesn't want you anymore or you are not competitive enough to stay in the company. It is helpful because it will wake you up and you will know what to do next time. You will hone your skills and become the best person that you can be so that no company will ever try to dispatch you again. Being fired is also an opportunity to find another company that pays bigger than your previous one.

Hurtful situations are blessings in disguise we just don't know it yet because we feel pity for ourselves the moment we get hurt. We got caught with the feelings not the reason behind it. Every negative emotion has a reason why it is being felt. It is up to us if we wanted to see the meaning of it or the lessons it will give.

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