January 01, 2016


Are you having a difficulty right now? what are you doing about it? are you complaining and whining or bitching? or just pushing through and believing that soon it will be over?

Most of you are acting like you are a star in a dramatic film. A dramatic film that earns 50 cents in 3 weeks. Nobody will buy your drama so if you are shouting to the world that you are having a very hard time nobody will give sympathy to you.

Difficulty is around the world, everyone is experiencing difficulty everyday so you don't have the right to cry about it and make dramatic antics. If difficulty doesn't exist then we cannot also experience an easy life because we will not know the difference between easy and hard if there is no difficulty.

Some people who have a very difficult job makes their job look very easy, why? because they learn how to adopt in their situation, they manage to control their emotions and not curse everything around them.

Be happy if you are experiencing difficulty because if you are not experiencing it and you have all the luxuries in life, soon you will look for it. Yeah I am right, you will look for it. You will begin to question me why will a person who has a luxurious life will look for difficulty. Look at those rich celebrities, those children of billionaires, look at their lives. They are messing it up, they are taking drugs, making public scandals, doing illegal activities because they no longer know how it feels to be alive. They are bored, they are confused and they are not being challenged anymore.

It only means that you need balance in life. You cannot become happy being happy everyday because you will get bored in the long run. As a human being we can't have a permanent emotion, we cannot be forever happy 24 hours a day and 365 days a year because only retarded people have the capability to feel that.

And one more thing there is always another person who is experiencing more difficult situations than you but they are not complaining about it, they are doing their best to improve their situation and hope that tomorrow will be a better day so you don't have the right to feel that the world owes you shit, be a grown person and dry your tears.

Even the presidents are having a difficulty time, even the CEOs, big bosses, champion athletes, street children, common worker, criminals and religious workers. All of us are having a difficulty it is just a matter of controlling your emotion and adopting to your situation.

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