January 01, 2016


This is the best reminder when you are being lazy and always felt that you can do what you want next year or next decade. Always remember that we are not going to live forever so you should act now and stop procrastinating. You don't know and no one knows how long will you stay on earth.

Your life can be taken away from you anytime and you don't have control about it. No matter how much you avoid death, no matter how much security or medicine you take for avoiding it death will always win.

What you should do now is pursue what you have to pursue, do what you wanted to do. Stop being caught in a trap where you are force to do a job that you really hate. Do something that makes you feel alive, engage yourself in an activity that will benefit others. Live with a purpose and try to inspire others. Don't force them to like you because they never will, just be natural and be a source of inspiration not a source of desperation.

Do more, give more, love more, fail more, try more. Just more and more and more. Treasure your life, appreciate the movement inside your body. Appreciate that you are breathing, talking, walking. Appreciate everything. Have a goal that will make you cry if you didn't get it. Commit yourself to the journey and have a relentless approach of travelling your path everyday.

Our time on earth is limited and that should scare us, we should not take our lives for granted because if we die and didn't reach our prime or maximum capabilities then it only means that we wasted our lives.

Some people live as if they will live forever, they drink heavily, smoke heavily, abuse themselves, always engage themselves in a fight, being rude to their love ones and when the time comes that they learn that they are about to die then that is the only time they will change.

Stop being an asshole, stop being lazy and wasting your life. It is ok to have some fun but not to the point where you don't know your limitations anymore.

If you have a dream go and get it now, start chasing it. Have the courage to feel fear because there is no such thing as a fearless individual. We all feel fear but the difference between a successful man and not is their ability to adjust when they feel fear. Some men break down while some men keep going. When your fear cannot disappear or you don't know what to do to diminish it just keep in mind that we only have one life and it is really a shame if you will not use it the right way and live the life that you wanted to live.

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