January 18, 2016


Watch motivation, read motivation then work immediately. When you get unmotivated again then it is time for you to dig those motivational paraphernalia and pump up your brain again.

Don't get caught too much of watching those motivational stuffs to the moment where you are not moving anymore. As the saying goes "Too much is bad for your health". Too much motivation will lead to procrastination because all you want to do is feel motivated.

This happens to me before, I feel unmotivated too, I watch motivational videos, read motivational stories then what...Those are the only things that I've been doing, I get addicted to it to the point where I cannot execute an action anymore.

It feels like one more motivation, one more video, one more story, I need to feel motivated again, this is not enough. Then the cycle never ends, your brain is telling you that you are doing the right thing but the reality is not.

Sometimes watching motivational videos and reading stories becomes an excuse. You know you are doing a positive thing and doing it makes you feel good but sometimes it is too much and you need to stop because it is eating your time too much and you cannot even do the first step to get back on track.

You should know the right dosage of motivation that you need. When you feel a little better after watching a single video or reading a very nice story then start immediately. You don't need to feel super great to start because that won't happen. Winners move even if the feeling is right, they move right away after taking a little rest. Don't wait for the perfect feeling to start, don't wait for the most convenient time.

Motivation is just a reminder and not a life saver. You can save your dying career with action and just a little bit of motivation. Once you feel a little bit motivated, once your mood has been altered a little bit then execute right away. NO MORE watching of the next movie or reading the next article.