January 01, 2016


Being fat is not bad, it is normal. I don't know why a lot of people out there are making it a big deal. Some people loves fat people, some fat people still looks sexy and attractive. Being fat doesn't mean unhealthy, there are some fat people that are even healthier than a slim, health conscious chick. What makes being fat bad is: 1. You cannot do the things that you love anymore 2. You are no longer excited about your looks  3. Your life is in danger because of high blood pressure due to excessive eating

Here are my best three tips for fat people:

1. If you really love being fat then don't change anything - if you accept yourself for being who you are and how fat your ass is then don't change. Even if they mock you, even if they make fun of you it doesn't matter. What matters is how you feel, if you feel good being fat then there is nothing else to change. Change must be executed only if you really wanted to change and not because people wanted you to change.

2. If you are sick and tired of your body then exercise and stop dieting - most fat people were caught in the idea that they must diet and lose some weight. Here is the thing, dieting will make you weak and unhealthy especially if the diet is wrong. What you should do is you must exercise. Once you exercise everyday it will become your habit and dieting will follow. It will come to your mind that you will not waste your effort exercising everyday and destroy what you work hard in exchange for just a piece of cake. Onced you establish a habit of exercising everyday then you will also have a good discipline in choosing the right food for your body. Just start with the easy exercise first, make it a habit and then do harder exercise when you got bored doing the easy ones. If you can't stop eating cakes and ice creams then make sure that your exercise is heavier than the calories that you are letting in to your body.

3. Stop looking at the mirror if you are in a journey of losing weight - Not literally not looking at the mirror at all, just stop looking at the mirror every now and then after taking a 30 mins running or after you finish any kind of exercise. Most fat people want immediate results especially if they know that they work hard for a single day. Results cannot be seen in just a week or month. It may take longer than what you expected so stop looking at the mirror, it will only discourage you if you didn't see any changes in your body. Just enjoy the journey and keep doing what you are doing.

So that's it fat people, all of you are gorgeous so don't be ashamed of your body, just change if you cannot accept your fat ass bouncing everywhere.

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