April 05, 2017


It's sad but if you're pursuing a big goal, if you're dreaming about ridiculous things, if your dream looks very hard to achieve... you're the only one who understand it. Even your parents doesn't understand it, even your closest friends or relatives will laugh at you especially if your dream look so weird. They will mock you, criticize you and will suggest other dreams to pursue, they will suggest the realistic dream that is not even appealing to you.

Don't feel bad because it is your dream, you should be proud of it but don't talk about it so they won't laugh at you. Let them judge you, just keep pursuing it because it will become real one day if you hold on to it and never give up.

They don't know how you feel, they don't how much you are willing to give to make your dreams come true. They don't know anything about your true feelings, the only one who understand you is you so you better keep dreaming and never let anyone kill your dreams.

One day, your dreams will come true and they will eat all of their words. For the meantime, you have to endure the hardship of being alone in your journey, you have to accept that you are the only one who understands yourself. You have to keep believing and dreaming, nothing is impossible if you will stay committed and work hard.

They will only understand you once you become successful, it's just the part of it. It may break your hear sometimes but you have to prove to yourself that you are right. You should have a mindset of nothing can stop you, even if the whole world is against you... you will still keep pursuing your dreams because it is the only thing that makes you happy.

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