April 03, 2017


You have to accept that things are getting harder when you are getting better. Things becomes difficult when you are upgrading and leveling up. It is what it is, the more you dream of big things... the more you will face a lot of big challenges.

Life is tough and it gets tougher when you are pursuing something, it gets harder when you are improving everyday and is trying to make your situation better. You will only become successful if you are willing to accept that life is hard, success is hard and all you can do is endure the adversity in front of your face and keep moving forward.

If you are getting bigger, life gets harder too. For example, if you are being promoted from a regular employee to a supervisor, of course your responsibility will become bigger, your job will be much harder because the scope of your job becomes wider and more complicated. You can't be dreaming of just sleeping at your office once you get promoted, once you level up.... expect things to be more complicated. It is what it is, if the money becomes bigger, your job becomes bigger too.

So if you are just planning to have an easier life then you will never become big. If your plan is to trim down your obligations and responsibilities then you will level down instead of leveling up, as simple as that.

Prepare yourself for bigger challenges if you want to become successful because challenges will surprise you, it will make you quit but if you have the tenacity to keep going then you will thrive in the end, you will reach the top of the mountain. The conclusion is the more you become successful... the more you will face a lot of problems but you can overcome all of them if you will accept that life becomes more difficult as you level up.

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