April 04, 2017


I've heard something on television, I saw a celebrity that goes really fat. She was really hot and pretty before but now she looks like an elephant. I will not name her just to protect her name and avoid humiliating her. He story was very funny because she's making a lot of excuses. She keeps telling everyone that she is sick and no matter how she exercise or put herself on a strict diet... she still can't get slim. She said that here sickness was part of their genes and she cannot do anything about it anymore.

All I can say is that she is full of shit and making a lot of excuses just to save herself from the scrutiny of people. If she really was sick then she should have been fat right after she was born, she should have been fat when she was a teenager. She was sexy before but now she is fast because she is full of gluttony, she is undisciplined and depressed that is why she keeps getting fatter and fatter. And now she is trying to get sympathy from people to avoid embarrassment. She becomes fat because she trained herself to become fat, that is the best explanation for her situation. 

Another stupid story is the story of having a sweet tooth. A lot of people said that they have a sweet tooth and that they can't resist sweet foods. This is another big bullshit in the history of stupidity. There is no such thing as sweet tooth if you are disciplined enough to know what is the right food for your body. 

If you are getting fat and you are making excuses then you're a big bum. You know what kind of foods are you eating, you know that you are not exercising so stop fooling people that you are unfortunate and you have traits or sickness that is why you are having a miserable life. 

A lot of people were making an excuse that they are not smart, they will tell everyone that their parents were not intelligent that is why they are not intelligent too. They will tell this shitty story just to give themselves a reason for not succeeding. There are lots of stories about big time success and the star of those stories admits that they are not smart but still they succeed because of hardwork and perseverance. 

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