April 04, 2017


If you are in the process of becoming successful... of course you will have a lot of steps, you will follow a lot of techniques and routines to give yourself a big chance of becoming successful. 

But sometimes it is hard to be perfect, you can't follow all of those steps for several reasons. It is not that you are making an excuse but sometimes you can't do all of those things because of over fatigue and sudden change in schedule. 

The best thing to do is to have a foundation of all the process, meaning... there is a starting point of all the steps that you are doing, it means you need to do a specific step everyday and you should not miss doing it, yous should not pass, you should do it no matter what. 

For example, if you are making your body slim... of course there are lot of steps that you need to do, there are lot of steps that you saw on the internet and you want to do it all because you think it will speed up the process.

But you can't do all of them, you will become very tired, you will become overwhelmed in the long run. So what you should do is have a foundation of all those process, you should reserve a step that you will never miss even if you are tired or super busy. 

I am making my body great too, the foundation of my process is running on a treadmill for 30 minutes. I never miss a day doing it, it is a pre-requisite to do it no matter what. So even if I can't do some other things like sit ups and push ups... I will never feel guilty, I will still have a momentum for tomorrow and the process of making my body great never ends. It is continuous, it never dies and it keeps getting better and better everyday. 

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