April 05, 2017


A lot of you were so scared to expose your content in the market because you think that people will not understand it, you think that people will not like it. Well, let me tell you this... it is not your job to make them understand, your job is to make content and make money.

Just put the content out there and let them understand it. If they understand it then good, but if not... what is the big deal anyway?

It is not your duty to make them understand, it is your duty to expose your content and let them be the judge. If they can resonate with your materials then be happy, if they feel that your work is shitty... be happy too because at least you try and you free your mind from wondering everyday about what could happen if you try.

Some people will like your content even if it is not that good, some people will criticize it, some people will love it. No all people has the same taste. Some people are appreciative while some are very serious in criticizing one's work. Don't be afraid to get judged, you're just a human being, you're not perfect, you're not even close to being perfect. You have a lot of flaws and you need to accept it.

You don't need to explain your material, you don't need to tell them what is it all about. All you need to do is expose it and hope for the best. Hope that they will like it but don't expect that they will like it, don't expect too much. Keep your emotions at place and don't get too emotional if someone laughs at your work.

Because if you will just bury your ideas then nothing will happen to your life. You will wonder forever and always think about what can be your life now if you try.

So brace yourself, be courageous and put your content out there.

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