April 05, 2017


A lot of people were dying to become a hollywood actor, famous musician, big superstar simply because they want to become popular and the money is big. They want the flashes of cameras, they want to sign autograph, they want to know and experience the life of being a well known human being. Being celebrity is good if you know how to control yourself, anyway too much of the intro, here is how:

1. You should learn how to control your emotions. Of course you should know how to play with your emotions, you should know how to fake facial expressions. If you are in a movie shooting and the director tells you to cry... you should cry, you should know how to force yourself to cry. You can't be just pretending that you are crying or else you will be kicked out in the movie. You can't be just pricking your eye balls so you will have a teary eye, that old move won't work anymore. You should know how to act very well.

2. You should learn how to stay away from paparazzi. Paparazzi will destroy you, it will annoy you, you should be good in hiding and disguising especially if you're already popular.

3. Don't get too emotional. People will try to bring you down, people will write fake stories about you just to make you feel bad, people will use you for their own good. Never get too emotional, always check your emotions. Just be good in ignoring the critics so you can focus on your job. If you will give other people some attention... you're in big trouble, you will only stress yourself.

4. You have to maintain looking good. Always invest in yourself, maintain your good looking personality because that is what makes your market go high.

5. Always hone our skills. May it be about acting, wiring music or athletics... you have to have edge from other people in the same industry as yours. If you're too good... people can't resist you.

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