April 01, 2017


If the problem is already there, all you can do is appreciate it, there is nothing you can do about it anymore, just accept it and move on. Any whining or complaining or blaming will not help. All you can do is be happy with your situation and find ways how to make your life better.

If your daughter is accidentally impregnated by her boyfriend... accept it, appreciate it, welcome your grandchild. It is ok to get mad in a while but never blame your daughter, it is what it is. It already happened, all you can do is accept the problem. Because if you will keep on getting angry then nothing will happen to your life, you will just hurt your daughter even more. Accept her mistake and do the best you can to become a good grandfather. There are better things bound to happen, you never know... your grand child might be the best thing that happened to you, he can fulfill the dreams that your daughter didn't fulfill so think positively and try to be happy with what happened.

If you buy a pair of shoes in the mall and when you got home you found out that it is not that beautiful... just appreciate it, you can do it, you can be happy with it. Don't regret your decision for buying it. Because in the first place, if you will go back and replace it chances are you might not like it again when you go back home. It is not that you are being lazy and not doing anything to have your shoes replaced, it's just that you are building a habit of appreciating everything so your  life will become easier.

If you got sick today, just appreciate it. You can be happy with sickness or you can be sad with sickness, the choose is still yours, you are still in control of your feelings. The more you make dramas about your sickness... the more your sickness will become worse. So why not just appreciate that you are still breathing and you can still do some other things?

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